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Dangers of Combining Marijuana and Tramadol

When the public thinks of any harmful drug interactions, marijuana or cannabis is rarely seen as part of the entire equation.  Since most people are unaware of the effects, this is what makes it even more dangerous. Numerous possible risks are involved by using narcotic pain medications such as tramadol and this illicit drug. Some of the dangers associated with this combination are impaired decision-making and other physical dangers.   

Higher Risk of Having Seizures

The risk of having seizures in some users like those who have previous head trauma, metabolic disorder and uses other prescription medications is increased by tramadol.  Since a part of this medication is serotonin-reuptake inhibitor, cannabis adds to the effect of this drug which may trap the serotonin inside the body. When this happens, it can cause seizures or even worse.  Users may be put at substantial risk depending on where and when these seizures occur.
For those people who combine pain medications and marijuana, it is important to understand that seizure is not the only health risk.  In CNS or central nervous system, depression is considered as one of the deadliest threat involved in combining these drugs.  Usually, it happens when an individual takes several prescription pills such as anti-anxiety and pain medicines.  This can result to slowing down of central nervous system up to a dangerous low level.  Cannabis can also generate this kind of depression when taken with tramadol.

Health Risks Related to Marijuana

It is imperative to know that it is not possible for a person to overdose on cannabis but on tramadol, it is likely to happen.  Marijuana is known to impair the decision-making abilities of the user and may cause a person to:

Paranoia induced by cannabis can add to bad decision making or a choice to ingest pain reliever to calm stress and anxiety. 

 Treatment to Addiction or Abuse

By seeking help from professionals to treat drug addiction, it removes the involved health risks and helps the person to control their lives once again. Here are the proper treatments that are being utilized for marijuana and tramadol abuse that include:

An individual can fight an illness with will power. Marijuana and tramadol addiction is a health issue that requires an immediate treatment.